There are basically 4 types of roulette games that can be played nowadays.

  1. Traditional gambling in a physical casino with a large wooden roulette wheel and a dealer.
  2. Air ball or fast roulette in a real casino.
  3. Online roulette with live dealers and a real wheel.
  4. Online casino electronic roulette and fixed odds betting terminals(in English, Fixed odds betting terminalsor FOBT) with random number generator.

In all four types of games, you can never be absolutely sure that the game is 100% fair. There is a lot of anecdotal and circumstantial evidence of strange and unexplained events and suspicious and unfavorable results for players. In some cases, the fraud has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, although in most cases, we have to live with the doubt.

It’s really funny that a lot of outrageous outcomes and events are “explained” by the “laws of physics” and covered up by the inherent unpredictability of random play. “Yes, the ball can make strange turns before it falls on a number, it’s physics”, they explain. Casinos take your money shamelessly and if you complain, look at your face and say, “No, it is not suspected that you lose repeatedly every time. According to the probability, it is perfectly normal.”

Evidence of casino fraud

It has been reported very recently that in RNG roulette at Betfair online casino, the number 18 has appeared 11 times in a row! The real probability of this happening is at once in a trillion rounds! However, casinos can claim that “all 11-round strings are equally likely”, so there is nothing wrong with 18 going 11 consecutive times!

 Manipulated roulette wheels are a reality, although the extent to which they are used is a matter of great debate. Player, be careful. Try to analyze the ball from a casino roulette wheel and see what happens. They will come after you as if you were the worst criminal. Casinos do not want you to analyze your balls and test them (test what they are made of). A news report reported that a roulette player and big bettor at a renowned casino in Regency Casino Thessaloniki, Greece, took the ball out of the wheel to test it and sue the casino if he found something. The casino chased him like there was no tomorrow. A meeting was scheduled between the player and the people in charge of the casino. After a while, the story died down and this case was never heard from again. Your guess about what happened is as good as mine,

This is a very controversial subject. It’s very serious. Despite the commonplace that “casinos don’t have to steal, they have the advantage of the house”, we can imagine that greed can lead even reputable casinos to offer less fair playing conditions, if possible.